Seascape painting of ocean waves by artist Karri Allrich, featured on the cover of Cape Cod Life magazine's annual ARTS issue 2023.

Connecticut artist Karri Allrich is known for her expressive painting style that evokes her deep connection to coastal New England. Fueled by the ever-changing moods and colors of the seasonal spectrum, Allrich uses paint and mixed new media to express her love of Nature's myriad beauty.

Seeking out hidden thickets, wooded paths, river stones, a windswept shore, or snow-dusted salt marsh, she aims to capture the intimate moment of each encounter, employing the abstract poetry of color, texture, line and shape. 

Allrich's goal is to imbue each composition with an enlivened sense of place laced with imagination and memory. Through lush creative brushwork, and complex, abstracted surfaces, she invites the viewer to savor Nature's tangible magic. She aspires to evoke a spark of recognition that awakens the senses and stirs the soul.

Feature in Cape ART Magazine 2023 by Chris White

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All artwork ©2023 Karri Allrich. All rights reserved. No reproduction without written permission.